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Barneys journey

January 5th, 2018 · 8 Comments · Uncategorized

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Hi Guys,

This is my first post and it’s the start of our dog Barneys journey.

After we saw the vet two days ago we found out Barney has bone cancer in his front right leg, We have been told that Barney may not be a good candidate for amputation because of his breed and size, I’m hoping that there are people out there that have been told this and proved a vet wrong with their dogs.

we are due to see an orthopaedic surgeon this tues for a CT scan and his opinion to see if it’s ok to try surgery with Barney.

Barney is a six year old Rottweiler x Doberman and weighing in at 60kgs he is a big boy, a gentle giant and we love him.

i don’t want to see him suffer but I would love to give him a chance to keep fighting and enjoy life with us for as long as is possible while he is happy and not in pain.

i will keep updating his journey.


Tiffany and Barney

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8 Comments so far ↓

  • dawn3g

    You have come to the perfect place for support and good feedback, as well as a wealth of information! We were told similar–Fallon is a greyhound, so tall, needed a front leg amputation, she is 11 and has the start of arthritis in her back legs, and our primary vet said amputation was not a good plan given all that. We got a second opinion from a greyhound expert as well as the surgeon, and long story short, it is 100 days since her diagnosis–85 days since the amputation, and she is doing AWESOME, feeling happy, healthy and fantastic, and kicking cancer’s butt. No ore limp, and NO PAIN.

    We’re very eager to hear what your surgeon says–ours said surgery was up to us, but he would be happy to tell our primary vet that he disagreed with their opinion. There’s no question we made the right choice.

    We doubted Fallon would do well on 3 legs–she can be a spazz, and she loves the lazy lifestyle, but she has proved us wrong. Dogs are much more resilient and adaptable.

    Sending good wishes, positive energy, and hugs to you and Barney <3

    Dawn and Fallon
    (and Maggie and Paul)

    • tiffany82

      Thank you so much for your message it gives me hope that there is something they can do for Barney.

  • Pallu

    Hi- My dog was 85 lbs. She did really well w amputation. We also had a specialist look at her from orthodo standpoint. They watched her walk etc. Post surgery, we did everything it took to drop her weight to 70. She did it! She thrived for 11 months. Sadly then cancer came back. We then decided no more chemo bec of spread. Getting a couple of opinions will be best.

  • benny55

    Absolutely Vets have been proven “wrong” many times about a large dog not being a good candidate for amputation!

    Atlas,a dynamic large reat Dane, had Wobblers, and the dreaded osteo and proceeding with amputation was seemingly off the table. If I recall, the owner went to three Vets/Surgeons before she found one who said Atlas woud do just fine on three legs!!

    And Atlas lived life to the fullest in three legs for almost two years!!

    Rottie Sassy was 135 lbs at time of surgery and was up and walking within 24’hrs.

    My Happy Hannah, a 125 lb “fluffy” Bull Mastiff handled amputation like a champ!

    Many dogs were not only “larfe”, but also may have had some arthritis or hip issues, but it did not interfere with their mobility!

    It sou ds like yiur sweet Barney woud do just fine if their are no other issues.

    Now keep in mind, recovery is rough for a couple of weeks! And sometimes larger dogs take several days before they can get up on their own or walk more than a few steps. I say that just so you’ll know that’s “normal” sometimes.

    Check out the thread Size and Age and I think you’ll see large dogs….larger than sweet Barney,…manage three legs just fine.

    Another pup. ..Big Louie…..I think was around 160-170 lbs. Took a little bit of time to get his mobility worked out, but ince he did he lived life to the fullest for about two years!

    Lwt us know what the Surgeon says. And if yiy and Barney don’t like the answer…go get a third opinion!!

    Lots of hugs

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

    • tiffany82

      Thank you for all your information about other big dogs, Barney is on good form with no other health issues, he did have a cruciate ligament tear a few years ago and had surgery but has been fine ever since.
      My vet just keeps saying he is too big to hold the weight on one front leg but he did refer me so I’m hoping this new guy will help, I won’t give up that easily Barney is too special to us and deserves a long and happy life for as long as I can give him.
      I have been so upset since we found out and have been searching online for all options when I found this website and I’m so glad I did.
      I’ll let you all know what happens tues. thanks again x

  • jerry

    We’re glad you found us too Tiffany. We hope everything goes well and Barney will get many more good times with the people he loves best. Please let us know if you have any questions at all, we’re here to help.

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